The Choice Is Yours!  

Happy Sunday to you all and welcome back to my blog. To all newbies thank you for following. I'm sure you'll  find something that interest you here ( a bit of everything...gets you inspired ) and to the oldbies, I appreciate you all. Today on faith   "The Choice Is Yours"! What would you regret more? … Continue reading The Choice Is Yours!  


To The Love I Never Had 

To The Love I Never Had  You are once again remembered  In the thin air  Just like something fading  Yes! fading  Your presence is no longer felt  Not anymore  I waited for a long time  I taught you’ re going to be back  But now I know you’ re gone forever  … And I really … Continue reading To The Love I Never Had 

Fashion Spice :  Style With Kampala Fabric || featuring Michelle, Obeampeh & Nifelaure

Kampala is one of the most versatile fabrics and can be used for creating outfits both for everyday wear and special occasions. It has been around for years and is by no means a new fashion trend.  This fabric is used for designing beautiful gowns, dapper men’s clothes, and cute clothing for children.  Kampala stems … Continue reading Fashion Spice :  Style With Kampala Fabric || featuring Michelle, Obeampeh & Nifelaure

LIFESTYLE ||2018 Of Me + She Blogs At 365 

“Currently she blogs at 365”   Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, day 5 of 2018 and it's been awesome so far. Here today on blog is a lifestyle post "2018 of me + blogversary".  These are the part of my 2018 I'll love to share. It's sure going to be the best year so far. Am glad you here.1. … Continue reading LIFESTYLE ||2018 Of Me + She Blogs At 365 

Life||Happy 2018 And Thank You!!!

Happy holiday!!! I hope y'all are making the best out of your holiday. It's been busy for me tho (*holiday?)...yeah holiday and some fun came through sometimes (*smiles*). "Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog".  I am here just to wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Am just so excited we made it through, … Continue reading Life||Happy 2018 And Thank You!!!

Gift Ideas For Christmas 

Hurray! Christmas 2017 is just around the corner and plans for holidays are here. A girl is just so excited for some Christmas gifts are on it's way..., am gonna be gifting too (*winks).  ❤s Welcome back to my blog  Sometimes you don't just know what to shop when it comes to gifting -need some … Continue reading Gift Ideas For Christmas 

What I’ve got ||Harmattan Essentials 

Its the time of the year again, where we experience the dry, dusty, cold  weather ‘Harmattan’.  During the harmattan season, the weather tends to appear harsh to our hair, dry nostrils, dry skin, white feet skin and health.  ❤Welcome back to my blog  While some people crave the Harmattan season like Ice cream and Sharwama, … Continue reading What I’ve got ||Harmattan Essentials