LIFE  | Inspo

Unfortunately, we can't live forever, which is why it's so important to stop wasting your life right now!  Give GOD the full charge over your life.  End any unhealthy relationship. If you know you are not ready for it because it won't yield anything. Manage your time properly. Stop procrastinating. Do it now! Spend your free time effectively. … Continue reading LIFE  | Inspo


DIY : Deep Moisturising Hair And Body Butter  

In my quest for natural alternatives in both hair and skin care, I’ve become more conscious of things I use on my body, so rather than using store bought creams and lotions filled with harmful chemicals such as parabens, mercury, hydroquinone etc. I opted for home made creams and butters, that way I’m sure of … Continue reading DIY : Deep Moisturising Hair And Body Butter  

SPRING 2018: My Spring Scarves 

Hello beauties, welcome back to my blog. Happy new month and happy Easter Sunday. It is important for us to daily acknowledge that "why we are yet sinners Christ died for us and His resurrection is our hope of eternal glory".   So today I'll be sharing with you guys scarves that'll be rocking my spring. We'll … Continue reading SPRING 2018: My Spring Scarves 

WARDROBE HACK|| fixing my peel off bags

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog, today I'll be sharing with you how I got to fix my peel off bags, using a nail polish (*winks*). You heard right, a nail polish.  If you'll agree with me that your handbag completes your personal style and overall look and outfit. It's also a great way to … Continue reading WARDROBE HACK|| fixing my peel off bags


*Tears they say have no weight but it carries heavy feelings.* Lately with life it's all screaming and tears. True expression of what dwells in the heart. When emotions are treated like trash in the bin. Tried to wash it off, but it deeply stained. Let the warm fluid be the cleanser. When the heart … Continue reading Tears 

Never Forever 

How do I explain this meaningless pain, endless tears and countless bruises? How do I explain a careless feeling, a fatal, brutal caress of my body? Like a heart, the beating never stops. Like a river, the bleeding forever flows. Oh light! Will this dark cloud ever go? Oh life! How long shall I live … Continue reading Never Forever 

LIFE: Having A Perfect Valebration 

Yaayah! it's countdown to Valentine's Day. So you there and thinking how do you want to go about the day.  Not too worry, today's post got you covered (*winks*).  If you are reading this you are not wrong.  Always remember that you can share love with everyone not only on Vals day but every day … Continue reading LIFE: Having A Perfect Valebration