POETRY: Oh Slumber !

Slumbering? Oh human! Sunset out for your duty Oh human! Why hast thou refuse to labour? Making nature a vain For the love of sleep and pleasure Forgetting its friend poverty Oh human! Arise to labour For time to pleasure is soon Oh human! Forsake not the duty of nature For poverty knocks at you. … Continue reading POETRY: Oh Slumber !


LIFE: The word “FAILURE”

Failure is a word nobody likes to associate with As everybody wants to relate with success It is an outcast we all try to ignore Yet, failure is an integral part of life. We must not hide our head in the sand By thinking we can never fail Nobody is completely immuned from failure Only God can never … Continue reading LIFE: The word “FAILURE”


    BEAUTY! what does it means to you?     Don't get it wrong. Beauty is not all about the makeups or your natural beauty, it is more than that.     Have you ponder on this that just anybody can wear makeups or have a natural beauty. Your inner beauty defines who you are and … Continue reading  BEAUTY 

My new beginning!?:I WISH

I wish I could write to the entire world🌎 I wish I could share my thoughts in heart ♥ I wish I could spread the words as air💨 I wish the pirce heart to love💞 I wish I can write it all in one book 📕 I wish the ink keeps bleeding and blessing all … Continue reading My new beginning!?:I WISH