LIFE: The word “FAILURE”

Failure is a word nobody likes to associate with As everybody wants to relate with success It is an outcast we all try to ignore Yet, failure is an integral part of life.

We must not hide our head in the sand By thinking we can never fail Nobody is completely immuned from failure Only God can never fail.

A man who has never failed Is a man who has not attempted anything significant:The issue is not failing But knowing how to handle failure.

When we fail It means we are yet to reach our destination ;Failure is never the end of road But an opportunity to review things and start afresh.

As no one is born perfect Only God is perfect. We all have to fail but the most important thing is on how to rise.

Failure is never the end of road; But create way that lead to success. It is never the end of life;But an open door to a new life.

It is all about you failing and decide not to rise; As quiters never win. A man who has not fail is not a champion.   But a man who fail and rise up is a champion.

Failure must be seen in the right light    It is an integral part of any success When we fail, we must not give up  With determination we will rise up again.

So FAILURE is part of life. Don‘t be weigh down when you fail.



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