WORDS: The power of positive words 


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   We must know that everything we say or think, has the potential to either heal or harm. Our words can destruct or construct, be positive or negative. Whatever choice we make either positive or negative, I know it’s not the way we please to but whatever associate with it. 

     However, words are not just spoken directly but comes in the privacy of our minds, embody our intentions, and carry out itself. 

    Most of us will have experienced the negative power of the spoken word. It can color our personal lives and ripple far beyond us to affect everything and everybody. We will now begin to see the negative side of our being, nothing seems possible anymore because of the ruin caused by the negative words. We might think we have not spoken much, but words deliver more than we sent it. I don’t want to go further on the negative side because I believe after this piece our thoughts will change positively.

   Speaking positively to one’s life or others grows alot…remember words grows! We can be facing alot of trials, sorrow, pain, poverty and all sorts, we shouldn’t let these get on us,  we should rather be positive.

Wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror and say sweet and positive words to yourself. The word “I CAN” is positive use the word daily, picture this word in every situation.

Practice positive self-talk, you can as well get a list of positive words or phrases, post them where you will see them and recite them to yourself, before you know the words become part of you.

Positive words always open door of many great new adventures, happiness and success. It brings life and give you reason why you worth living.

There is life and death in the power of words, choosing the positive words makes all situation positive and make our future better.

David in the Bible chose the positive words, which helped him to overcome Goliath, he said ” This day will the LORD deliver thee into my hands. ..” (1Samuel 17:46)

Dear readers, I want you to know that POSITIVE WORDS will always give you POSITIVE POWER. It will build your confidence, increase self-esteem, helps you take action and motivate you to move forward.

Words are sword mind how you use them


10 thoughts on “WORDS: The power of positive words 

  1. True! We have all in one way or the other poured out negative words either to ourselves or others…..thanks for letting us know the power of positive words.
    Words are powerful

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