Not Too Late! (short drame) 


Bola:a student, a young
        committed child of God
        loves to preach the gospel

Uncle Toye:One of Bola’s teacher,
                   students loves to call
                   him uncle Toy.

(The school bell rang. It was time for lunchStudents jumping around it is time to play. Bola runs out to look for Uncle Toy)

: (calls out while running)
             Uncle Toy! Uncle!!…..

Uncle Toy: (turns back) ahah Bola
                       How are you?

Bola: (frowns) Am fine sir

Uncle Toy: Are you sure? The look
                      on your face contradicts
                      that. Tell me what’s

Bola: Sir, is because of you

Uncle Toy: (laughs) Why me? Or
                     have you considered my

Bola: (hissed) I told you already
                   sir I can’t do that, am a
                      born again christian.

Uncle Toy: What is it then?

Bola: Sir your life is at stake!
             You need to change your
                way of life.

Uncle Toy: (amazed) Change what
                       life? I am a christian.
                      I do things with ease.

Bola: (nods her head in agreement)
            Indeed sir! am not disputing
            that. You are a christian yet
            you smoke,drink,commits
             fornication with your
               students and even threatens
                 to fail them if they don’t
  comply. If not for God’s grace I will have been one of  your prey to slay… (sighs)  hmmm… I pity your life after now sir. I had a dream  about you, that is why I think you have to repent  your ways and go back to  your source but since you   said  you are on the track,no problem.

            (she turns to leave. Uncle
                   Toy holds her)

Uncle Toy: Bola,please
                    don’t go. What dream?
                    What source?

Bola: (sighs)hmmm….Sir, in that dream you were dead and….(uncle Toy cuts in)                                                 

Uncle Toy: (sweating profusely)Dead? 

Bola: Yes dead! and your spirit
            groans in pain. I tried to
            move closer when I open my
            eyes to life.

Uncle Toy: Bola please help me
                      What should I do?

Bola: Sir, your source.

Uncle Toy: (perplexed) Source! What

Bola: God! He is your source.
           He is waiting for you, He
            runs after you each day
            pleading that you come back
            to him.

Uncle Toy: Bola, do you think God
                      will still accept me
                       back?(exclaimed) Ha!
                       My sins are great than I
                       can explain.
                       I have destroyed many
                       young girls life, some
                       died has a result of
                       abortion and some can’t
                       give birth anymore.
                       I party, smokes and
                         drinks. I….
                          (Bola cuts in)

Bola: Sir, God still loves you,
           don’t allow the devil to
           make a big deal out of your
           sin. Sir, no matter how big
           your sins are God is
           faithful and merciful to
           forgive all, if only you can
           repent and forsake them.

Uncle Toy: You mean I still have
                      another chance

Bola: (smiles) Yes! Every living
              has a second chance, only 
               the  dead don’t.
                Sir, according to first John
                chapter one verse nine
               “If we confess our sins,he
                    is faithful and just to
                     forgive us our sins and
                      cleanse us from all
                  Sir, this is God’s word I
                  leave you with it.
         (Bola went back to her classroom

Uncle Toy: (sobs) God!I am sorry
                     Please forgive me.
                    I repent all my ways,
                    please God have mercy 
                 on  me. O God according 
                  to thy loving-kindness,
                   according unto the
                   multitude of thy tender
                   mercies blot out my
                   transgressions(crys out)
                   mercy! mercy!! Oh God
                   mercy. Deliver me from
                   bloodguiltiness, cast me
                   not away from you….
(He continues sobbing and praying for forgiveness)

Dear readers thanks for taking your time to read this.

want us to know that we are all strangers in this world, no matter how sweet or how long it is, we are leaving one day.

should be mindful of what we do because one day we will all give account.

dont forget to comment,share,like and follow.

I come your way again I say you are loved 😘💗💗💗


12 thoughts on “ Not Too Late! (short drame) 

  1. wow 👄 such a wonderful piece….you re really inspiring lives with everything you write, that name is not a mistake NYPHE WRITES……God bless you more 👏👏😘

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