FASHION : Great Outfit Ideas- Stripes&Skirts

Hi lovelies, I know it’s been days now and am deeply sorry for my inconsistency. I have been really busy in school with academic and extra curricular. I trust you guys have been good though. Thanks for your love.

Today we are taking about some outfit ideas. We all love fashion! so let’s rock and view things. We don’t need to dress naked before we are admired. Rocking a simple and yet classic outfit is all you need to slay!

Image Credit: Pinterest

This simple but yet classy outfit can be worn for work or play!  The pops of red against the black & white stripes gives it an elegant look. It can be an outfit idea for plus size women.

Image Credit: Pinterest
Image Credit: Pinterest

How about mixing different variations on a theme stripes and skirts. The mixing stripes and prints are just so cute and fashionable! Bright colors for spring and skirts when it’s hot outside.

Image Credit: Pinterest

The black&white stripes on that floral full skirt just look great and the hat and bag. Looking out for a play day or a walk. 

Image Credit: Pinterest

This look is just simply great, you know what I mean. I just love those stripes and the floral full skirt. The hat! all looks great! It can also be worn for a play day or a walk 

Image Credit: Pinterest

Lastly on fashion spice today is this coral and black outfit. It’s good to end with.  The coral jacket, ring and clutch, just perfect! Black and off white stripe skirt is superdope! It can be great for work, dates or hangout with girlies.

Thanks for reading! Do you like it? Which one is your favourite outfit? Will you add one of those outfits to your wardrobe? I really love reading your comments! Until I come your way again I say I love you 


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