How to make a simple fruit salad 

Hello lovelies welcome back to my blog, you know I love you guys and I want you all to be healthy, so I decided to share this with you. I am not a foodie but am a “fruitie”😂am sure you will love this and thanks for stopping by! Happy summer 💕

Fruit salad is a dish containing a mixture of different kinds of fruit. There are different kinds of fruits that can be used to make a fruit salad such as; Strawberries, Blackberries, Raspberries, Pawpaw, orange, pears, apple, Banana, cherry, grapes, pineapple e.t.c. 

For the recipe below, i used just four fruits but you could swap the ingredients with whatever you have available. The whole essence of a fruit salad is to get a mixture of as many fruits as possible including the juices in a bowl. Eating fruits is healthy as this fortifies the digestive system with Nutrients the body needs in guarding against diseases, lowering the rate of heart disease, High blood pressure, stroke e.t.c. One of the major rules of eating fruits is to take it on an empty stomach so the body would be able to absorb the nutrients it needs quickly. If you take fruits with your meal, it’d be held for a longer time in the stomach with the food and this after sometime would ferment and rot which would result in runny tummy, indigestion, heartburn, burping e.t.c. and I know you won’t like that *winks* so the best time to take fruits would be 1 hour before your meal or two hours after to get maximum benefits. 

•Prep time:   15 mins

•Total Time: 15 mins

•Servings:     4

• ¼ medium sized Pineapple

• 2 Apples (Red & Green)

• ¼ small sized Water Melon


Step 1: Wash the fruits thoroughly. Remove the seeds from the watermelon and the Pineapple eyes

Step 2: Dice the fruits into small bits
Step 3: Mix all the diced fruits together
Step 4: Refrigerate and serve chilled

Thanks for reading! Do you like it?  Have you tried this before? Do you like fruit? Will you try any other fruit salad? Let me know your mind, please comment. Until I come your way again I say I love you 💕xoxo 💕

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