Product REVIEW|  7 products your skin needs this summer

Hello lovelies! Welcome back to my blog. I hope y’all have been good so far and how is summer treating your skin? Good or Bad? No worries we sorting it out 😊     

So on today’s post I will be sharing with you “7 products your skin needs this summer”. I know we all love our skin and we wouldn’t want any damage on it, as we love to always look good.

Beauty, as we know, might be most easily seen on the surface, but is most meaningful when it goes beyond skin-deep.  Armed with the personal belief that outer beauty is intrinsically intertwined with inner health. Health is beauty! 

Kerstin Florian beauty products will be on deck today.  This beauty products founded more than 30years ago was crafted to address multiple skin care needs, and are thoughtfully formulated using natural, active, plant-and-marine-based ingredients that are tested for safety and refined for maximum effectiveness. 

This beauty products bring the entire spa experience home. 

Try one of those out this summer, as no price is too much for your skin.


Correcting MultiVitamin Day Creme SPF 30
A vitamin-packed (Vitamin E fortifies skin, Vitamin C combats free radicals and Vitamin B tones) everyday essential, this cream protects against the sun’s rays and leaves skin looking more radiant on-contact.With extended use, this moisturizer fortifies structure and improves luminosity, letting your skin glow without makeup. 


Correcting Serum C+ Infusion

Consider this powerful product your daily antioxidant for the face. It has a lot of hard-hitting ingredients like collagen-boosting vitamin C and soothing botanicals; together they go to work to erase the look of lines and wrinkles and even out tone. It’s formulated with a proprietary Vitamin C+ Complex, which is 50 times more active than standard Vitamin C and can reduce melanin formation by up to 80%, making this an ideal serum for summer. Just glow! 


Clarifying BerryPlus Repair Serum
Summer’s high temperatures demand high-performance skin care that doesn’t feel heavy. Just a few drops of the uber lightweight serum smooths over skin to make it look more balanced, fresh and hydrated. Active botanicals such as raspberry cell culture, goji, and wild berry extracts contain anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory properties while promoting cell turnover and strengthening the skin’s natural structure.


Correcting Brightening Eye Crème
This brightening eye cream eliminates the need for caked on concealer as the active ingredients are proven to target the top 3 eye-area aging concerns – expression lines, dark circles and puffiness. Advanced peptides help to combat dark circles, significantly reduce blue/red skin coloration, reduce wrinkle depth and improve elasticity around the eye. It also doesn’t hurt that this incredibly lightweight cream is the product to have to get the look of “I just got back from a two-week vacation and I am totally rested.” Glow just-summer!


Rehydrating Neroli Water
A true summer essential, this smells-amazing super hydrating spray makes skin look fresh and glowing instantly—almost like you just had a facial. A signature of the Kerstin Florian brand, the aromatherapy water is infused with the essence of Bitter Orange Blossom to refresh skin and mood. Glow just-summer!


Correcting MultiVitamin Firming Crème
A multi-action anti-aging cream for the body, this all-in-one hydrating, brightening and firming cream promotes a healthy glow and youthful tone so you feel confident—and look great—in anything you wear this season. Formulated with many of the same ingredients found in the face line—such as Vitamins A, C and E—the firming cream also helps to reduce lines and wrinkles and prevent overproduction of melanin. Glow just-summer!


Neroli Blossom Bath & Body Oil 

This Kerstin Florian bath and body collection has an intoxicating fragrance (neroli and rosemary) which is even  enough to make you fall in love. When applied after a bath or shower, this major multitasker makes everything- including the skin on your legs- look smooth and glowing. It’s lightweight blend of organic Coconut, Jojoba, Meadowfoam and Sunflower oil also nourishes and softens the skin.


Thanks for reading! I really enjoy sharing this with you and I hope you do.  I will like to know which of these products have you use or planning to use?  You know I love reading your thoughts, don’t forget to leave a comment.

Until I come your way again I say I love you. XoXo 💕

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