SP: Godly Relationship | ways to practice purity

When you fall in love, it’s natural to want to express love in physical ways. But you also know God wants you to remain sexually pure in both your actions and your thoughts. Sometimes it’s a tough balance, but showing love for another while remaining pure is possible. God’s grace is sufficient for you. Seek Him and find His grace.  It’s much more available for you. In case you miss my other post on sexual purity read it here.

If you are reading this I want you to know that is only God that can help you to live a purified life. You need to play your part by praying, asking for God’s strength to remain chaste for Him. Accept the fact that you can’t help yourself but He. You might be thinking have gone too far but I am glad to tell you that Christ love you more than you think, all you need is to make a decision right now and right here. God is not a man

“10 ways to practice purity” Here are some suggestions:

1. Keep innocent expressions special. Rather than making the innocent expressions a mere prelude to the “heavier stuff” make the most of them. Let holding hands mean something. Don’t take touching or putting arms around each other for granted. Be wise! 

2. Pace your passion. Every marathon runner knows that you don’t use up your energy at the beginning of the race; you need most of it at the end. Pacing your passions means that you realize you’re trying to remain pure all the way to your wedding day. It’s OK to express your love in little ways, but don’t start messing with the package, that is, sex. To get really practical, avoid French kissing and petting- anything that is sure to ignite the fires of passion. 

3. Don’t feed your fantasies. It’s normal to think about sex sometimes. In fact, with the way advertising and Hollywood exploit sex, it would be impossible not to think about it. So choose your entertainment carefully. Soap operas, certain songs, books, television shows, movies, and Web sites only turn up the pressure. Feeding your thought life with junks only makes it harder to remain pure in your actions. Feed your soul and body with the word of God daily. 

4. Remember whose property you’re touching.  You do not own the person you’re dating. That person belongs to God. Imagine there’s a sign on everyone you date that reads ‘ PROPERTY OF JESUS.

5. Make a promise to God, and daily renew your commitment.  Decide where you’re going to draw the line, and tell God that with His help, you are not going to cross that line until marriage. Don’t commit to it unless you mean it, though. The Bible says “it’s a serious thing to make a vow to God.” At the same time, realize that you can’t stick to your promise without His help. That’s why it’s important to renew your commitment daily. 

6. Acknowledge Jesus ‘ presence on every date.  Before a date, it’s normal to spend a lot of time getting ready. After all, you want to look your Best. But you also  want to make sure you’re spiritually prepared. So spend at least as much time in prayer as you do in front of a mirror. As it says in Proverbs 3:6 “seek His will in all you do, and He will direct your paths.” 

7. Agree on your standards.  Before sex becomes an issue in the relationship, talk about your standards with your partner. Don’t dwell only on the negative – what you won’t do. Hebrews 10:24 tell us to “Encourage one another to outbursts of love and good deeds.” Discuss ways your friendship can help each of you become a better person.

8. Don’t always go ‘alone. Sure, you want to be alone with your date; that’s only normal. Yet too much time alone can lead you to do things you’ll regret later. Your relationship will be a lot healthier if you spend time with each other’s families and friends.

9. Put real love first. Genuine LOVE always respects the other person. It never says “if you love me, you’ll…. ”  Real love says instead, “since I care about you so much, I will respect you, treat you with kindness, and never ask you to do something you know or feel is wrong.

10. Declare a new beginning.  If you think you’ve already given away too much, don’t give up. The beauty of Christianity is that sins are forgiven and erased. You can start over today. 

Thanks for reading through! I hope you’ve learnt one or two things from this. Do you think it’s possible to stay pure in relationship? Rate in percentage of 100, relationship that still stand for Abstinence Till Marriage (ATM)? Do you agree with the’ No sex until marriage? You know I love reading your comments. Don’t forget to leave one.  Kindly like my facebook page Nyphewrites-TheNifeLauresblog. Until I come your way again I say I love you. XoXo💕

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13 thoughts on “SP: Godly Relationship | ways to practice purity

  1. Although it can be hard in today’s world where sexual contents are easily accessible and immorality abounds but i think it’s possible to stay pure . First is a willingness to and then God’s grace. Like you said in the write up that it’s normal to think about sex but acting it out is sinful. Thanks for these wise words dear, these kind of write ups make us pause and then re-evaluate our life. I love it, nice one!

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