H&B: What I’ve got ||Harmattan Essentials 

Its the time of the year again, where we experience the dry, dusty, cold  weather ‘Harmattan’.  During the harmattan season, the weather tends to appear harsh to our hair, dry nostrils, dry skin, white feet skin and health. 

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While some people crave the Harmattan season like Ice cream and Sharwama, other simply loathe it. Which ever way, here for you are some harmattan essentials for your body and beauty.

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Drink lots of water. Your body gets easily dehydrated during this period. So, you must constantly drink water to stay hydrated. It lubricates the body from inside out, water is the ultimate beauty tool for every season, through every weather. You can also take fruits that contain water like oranges, pineapples, watermelon e.t.c.


Body oil

The harmattan is cold and breezy can leave your skin cracked and ashy. During this period, moisture is lost from the skin faster than usual hence to ensure a healthy skin, it is wise to keep your body oil close as it comes handy. Coconut oil is usually a go-to at times like this, It helps in moisturising the skin and hair. You can either pour a few drops in your bathing water or mix it with your body cream.

Body Scrub 

Due to the fact that it can be very dry during this season, there is need to exfoliate at least twice in a week to help get rid of all the dead, dry and flaking skin cells. If you can, also invest on a foot scrub as this weather can lead to excessive cracking of the feet. Here is a DIY body scrub from Omawumi’s blog, and this DIY facial scrub by Oreoluwa’s blog give it a read.



During the Harmattan season, the weather is usually very cold in the morning, when the sun shows up later in the day, the weather looks confused (you can’t tell, if its hot or cold). The advice to those who jet out of their homes very early in the morning is to is to make sure you they have their sweater or jacket with them always. Even in the sun, don’t be surprised you’ll be needing it. Another quick advice, make sure any sweater or jacket you go for is stylish because you might have to stay in them all day.

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Sheabutter (Òrí) 

This is your lovely companion. It keeps your hair and body moisturized when applied. Always remember your face hands, neck and legs, (you don’t want to go white ). 



Your skin can get easily sunburned during this period. Apply your sunscreen daily.

Lip balm 

The lips are easily chapped and may lead to ugly blisters. Ensure to take your lip balm everywhere with you. (Toilets included. *winks*).


Hair oil & Serum 

Your hair requires moisture to keep it healthy.  Your weaves and natural hair needs some attention too. The hair serum gives weaves some shine and also helps to lock in moisture. You should never leave your hair undone, harmattan is not good for your hair. Some natural oils like Coconut oil, Castor oil, Olive oil, Moringa leaf oil etc are best for your hair this season. You can do a oil mix. You’ll need a spraying bottle and the oils you want to mix.


If you don’t want shea butter (‘Ori’) for your body or you can’t access it in your area, then you can opt for Vaseline, which I’m sure you can get at your favourite store. It works fine just like Shea Butter but I’m an extra being I go for both *winks*.


Thanks for stopping by. You can as well add up to this list, let me know your harmattan essentials and what do you think about mine? I always love you sharing your thoughts in that comment box. I’ll be waiting!

Until I come your way again I say I love you. XoXo ❤

15 thoughts on “H&B: What I’ve got ||Harmattan Essentials 

  1. I loath harmattan, i’m just enjoying the the warm weather of lagos before harmattan comes visiting. I hope i’m ready when it does. Thanks for sharing these products, a girl has some shopping to do now obviously! Lol

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