FASHION:  Style With Kampala Fabric || featuring Michelle, Obeampeh & Nifelaure

Kampala is one of the most versatile fabrics and can be used for creating outfits both for everyday wear and special occasions. It has been around for years and is by no means a new fashion trend.  This fabric is used for designing beautiful gowns, dapper men’s clothes, and cute clothing for children. 

Kampala stems from Uganda.  Kampala fabric is both visually and physically different from the fabrics you’re used to: it has a waxy finish that gives it a unique sheen that you can’t mistake for any other material. 

The coloring of kampala also stands out – there are tie dye patterns and other color combinations. 

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Michelle Obama can’t hide her love for African fabrics as she has seen on many occasions repping this great fabric. She is a big fan of Nigerian designer Duro Oluwu. She’s worn many of his pieces on several public appearances. I love the fact that she’s support the African fashion. Keep it up ma’am! 

This beautiful kampala fabric is from  Obeampeh Couture.  A fashion label owned by Oyebimpe Oyewole, an upcoming  Nigerian designer.  “Kampala speaks English ” (*smiles*). Keep supporting the African fabrics sis.

(*clears throat*) You already know it’s your girl Nifemi (Nifelaure) and am repping this Kampala fabric from dad’s wardrope. I love Kampala fabric, to me it speaks more than fashion. It speaks art. It speaks colour. It speaks Africa.

The prints are just so beautiful, it’s colorful  and the pop design on it, is lovely . This is more of what a Kampala fabric can say. 

I can say that Kampala styles is making a big hit in Nigeria and beyond. 

Thanks for stopping by again. Do you like Kampala fabric?  If yes why?  Do you own one? Do you like this post? You know I love hearing from you guys, kindly leave one comment or two. 

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30 thoughts on “FASHION:  Style With Kampala Fabric || featuring Michelle, Obeampeh & Nifelaure

  1. Oh! That’s what they call the tie & dye fabric pattern in clothing. Noted. I don’t particularly like the style. For me, it’s a lot duller, skewed and too defined compared to other kinds of native product categories. But one thing you can’t take away from is that it is purely definite, and that’s what causes it uniqueness. You spot it and it’s unmistakable. And the design pattern is so consistent and that’s originality!

    Your title aligned well. Haha. I read it as Michelle Obama before going through the post and realizing it’s not Obama but the name just suits the post!

    Idle head

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    1. It’s not all Kampala fabric that is dull…you can actually combine it with some other materials and it will be great…have seen couple of fashion designer do that stuff.

      I love comment like this…and I think I should be rewarding for the best comment. I read one comment you drop of one blog yesterday via the bloggers advocate. It so honest and pure.

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      1. Hun, thank you! I try to be as honest as I can without being shady. I know the kind of comment “I” would enjoy so I give same to others. I’m not a fan of generic replies like “nice print” or “cool photo”.

        Haha you said not all Kampala fabrics are dull. Then you go ahead to imply that the “combination” with another fabric to makes them bright. Meaning by themselves they……
        Hehe unless you meant “another Kampala” fabric, then I got you there!

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