Product Review: Hair Mayonnaise (Organics By African’s Best)

Hello beauties, happy new month and welcome back to my blog. Today I’ll be doing a review on AFRICAN’S BEST HAIR MAYONNAISE. I’m on my second container (almost at its last end 😁 ) before I decided to write a review. 

The Two Key Ingredients : This product contains some natural and healthy ingredients such as olive oil and egg protein. The history of these two great ingredients comes from the ancient people before us. Most of them have included olive oil and egg protein in their treatment. As it is written by The Historian Victoria Sherrow, Greek women often used olive oil for their hair and in Colonial days, women created hair conditioner from the combination of eggs and olive oil (I try this too sometimes).

Based on the Expert insight, Cal Orey, the author of The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, noted that olive oil is going to aid in protecting our hair from the environmental factors such as chlorine, blow drying, climate or heat styling while eggs contain protein and lecithin. Mary Beth Janssen says in her book β€œNatural Healthy Hair”, both of egg and olive oil can help in strengthening hair she also says that egg can blend well with another healthy ingredient such as olive oil as they are an emulsifier that binds things together naturally.

What The Brand Says The Product Offers: 

  • Deep conditioning therapy for weak and damaged hair.
  • Organic conditioning that penetrates the hair shaft to rejuvenate hair and restore moisture & strength

Well, the benefits of olive oil and egg protein are helping to renew hair softness manageability. You will feel that your hair is thicker and silkier and less prone to breaking or stretching. 

My Sentiments:
 After using this product for about a  month and half now (I’m on my second container), I can boldly say that it has delivered on its promises. This hair product has literally made my entire wash day routine 10 times easier. My natural hair is now soft and easier to manage. It feels and looks healthy and shiny. My hair is growing out with a fine texture. I love the fact that this product contains natural  herbs which makes it more effective. My off about this product is the smell (eew!) but it’s fine anyways, inasmuch my hair is healthy and it’s growing (*winks*).

Benefits Of Hair Mayonnaise Treatments:

  1. They contain moisturizing properties that are good for your hair.
  2. They help to reduce breakage, which is often caused by chemicals and dryness.
  3. They protect your hair from further damage, caused by heat and dirt.
  4. They rejuvenate your hair giving it volume and fullness and increased strength.
  5.  They make your hair soft and easy to detangle and manage on a day-to-day basis.

I got mine at gbagi market in Ibadan for  #1400 per one. You can can get this product at any beauty store or shopping mall. Shoprite  Jumia  

Have you tried this product? Will you be willing to get one after reading this review? Share your thoughts on this.

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Thank you for stopping by and until my next post β™‘.

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18 thoughts on “Product Review: Hair Mayonnaise (Organics By African’s Best)

  1. I haven’t tried it, in fact i hardly invest in hair products or take care of my hair as much as i’d love to and this has got to change.

    I like that you used the product for a long period of time before sharing a review, very commendable! Keep it up darl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I couldn’t just leave my hair like that being a natural hair. It hasn’t been easy in getting some products and sometimes the price is just off it 😭.
      You can as well join the gang. Hair is Wealth πŸ˜‚.

      I needed to be sure about the product before giving my readers anything.
      Thank you Didi I really appreciate your comment.


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