Fashion|5 Trends To Keep In Mind This Summer 

During Summer we wear swimsuits all the time, our go to look is a pair of shorts and we just walk around in flip-flops. But this Summer you will definitely want to include some of the trends below to your everyday look. Loves, Welcome back to my blog 💛. ◀️ instagram |twitter|fbpage▶️

They just scream Summer and they go with everything, from a casual outfit to a more sophisticated look. And there’s literally something for every taste!

 Bag | Scarfs | Shoes | Glasses ✨

If you usually wear something really basic but you want to step out a bit, definitely try to add some statement earrings. Especially for Summer I think they add to the look lots of energy and make it complete.

When you think of Summer, you think of the sea. And this Summer we are wearing a piece of the sea: shells. Especially on the jewellry they are the perfect complement for your outfit.

| Swimsuit ✨ Necklace ✨ |

I think it’s a really nice option when it comes to dresses because depending on what you pair it with, you can wear a more casual outfit or look more formal. But there are also some really cute blouses!

This Summer they have replaced the bikini, and I’m not complaining. Even though at first look it can seem more boring, there are multiple types, colours, shapes. And they are probably more comfortable, so give it a go!

Stripes swimsuit ✨ Black swimsuit 

And this ends the “5 trends to keep in mind this summer”. Do you enjoy reading this? What’s your fav. trend? Leave your thoughts.  Thanks 💚. Until I come your way again I say I love you.

XoXo ♡


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