FASHION: POTD|My Blogsta Gram #1

Hi beauties, it’s a new post today (yeah we know…lol) and  I’ll be sharing beautiful pictures that slayed from the gram to blog (yupps!). It’s all fashion guys (*winks*) so grab your coffeeeeeey! “Welcome back to my blog 💛”. 

Let’s hook up ◀️ instagram



From @fashion.stylez__ this beautiful picture giving me a cozy evening vibes is everything. I love how the colors plays so cool. It’s dope! The creativity is 100%.

Red heels (screaming!). The pop of red with the plant is pretty. The sofa and the skin glow makes this picture from @jtofashion looks perfect. 

I love everything about this picture from the background, the leaves, heels, pocket pant looking so comfy on @beenation_

Sneakers! Everybody likes me (lol). Sneakers makes you feel comfortable when on it. This picture from @nifemis_world is so comfy (haha).

I love this picture polka!…Polka dots is always in fashion. This picture from @princessaudu is screaming modesty and  am so in love with it.  

You can check out those Instagram handles for more eye-catching pictures.

Thank you guys for stopping by! Let me know which of these is your favorite potd. Any thoughts on this I’ll like to know. Kindly share this post if you like it (*winks*) and please subscribe if you haven’t. 

Until I come your way again I say I love you.

XoXo ❤.

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