FASHION: Gift Ideas For Christmas|old post edited 

Hurray! Christmas 2018 is just around the corner and plans for holidays are here. A girl is just so excited for some Christmas gifts are on it’s way…, am gonna be gifting too (*winks). 

❤s Welcome back to my blog 

Sometimes you don’t just know what to shop when it comes to gifting -need some gift shopping ideas? Here are some for you. Be budget friendly this season.

Wearing heels makes a woman feel in charge because height is the antithesis of power. Her, mum, siblings or friend(*me*), it’s just a perfect one. 

You really want him, siblings, or dad  to smell good this season with a perfect shirt for body. Not all men likes perfumes but shirts, yes.  If he doesn’t likes shirts, he’ll definitely like perfumes.

Skater skirt are so versatile! Simple and Comfy. If this is your style barbie, you can gift yourself. Picture 1 is my favorite (*blinks*) the floral print. 

If she say no to heels, she’s definitely sneakers or flats. Who says no to flats (*eyes rolls*). 

You’ll agree with me that men can wear their headsets all day, ladies likes headsets too but not to wearing it all day, we have a feminine blood…do you understand? (*laughs*). So let this season keeps the beat high for someone you love. 

If she ever say no to everything not fragrance. Bae, mum, siblings or friend deserves to smell like vanilla ice cream this season. 

 To me men that wears wristwatch appears smarter, competent and trustworthy (*grins*). You can get this classic accessory for dad, cupcake (or whatever you call him),or your uncle.

Hello Kitty! If anyone won’t gift you this, kindly gift yourself because you deserve to look good this season. I’m not the makeup thing but please the handbag…thanks in advance (*winks*).

Every woman want something smart and comfy. This holiday season mum or barbie will want to party. If jumpsuits or bodycon dress is not their thing, gown or skirts will do. Peplum tops on pencil skirts.

This is just for all! It’s just a perfect one for the family, your boss, uncles, …it contains varieties of gift items. It’s a perfect pack.

The prices here is for online shopping, you can get this items around you not necessarily the same with what I share here, so as to cut your “coat according to your cloth” (*winks*)

 Thanks for stopping by again. I hope you find this post helpful. Which of this gift ideas is your favorite? If you are to add to this list what will that be? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment box. Shop this on jumia

Until I come your way again I say I love you. XoXo ❤


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