H&B|5 Common Skin Care Myths and Facts You Should Know About 

If you are a skincare buff then you’ll understand the need to keep yourself abreast on the best skin care routines, treatments, and well, anything that can give you a youthful, well-hydrated and beautiful skin.

There are more to be confused about when it comes to our skin. Why? Because there are quite a lot of common skin care myths and half-truths out there.

Common Skin Care Myths and Facts

Need for Sunscreen

Myth: You don’t need sunscreen when it’s cloudy or you are sitting in the shade.

Fact: Here’s the thing, if you can’t see or feel the sun, it doesn’t mean the UV rays are not penetrating through. The radiation is still reaching the earth’s surface, and this means reaching your skin. Best advice is to stick to a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin.

Myth: At some point in your adulthood you will outgrow acne.

Fact: Apologies to be the bearer of bad news. If this was really the whole truth and nothing but the truth, my local skincare clinic will not be offering active acne treatment, which by the way is a big hit. And not to mention, the ladies and gents getting these treatments range from teens to women in their early 50s. This is because you can break out anytime from puberty onwards.
Pimple Popping
Myth: Popping that pimple will make it heal faster

Fact: The only thing that popping your pimple will do other than leave you with a scar is spreading the infection across other parts of your face, meaning more pimples. Best thing is to keep your nails and fingers away from your face and let it be. If it’s a serious condition, check with your skin specialist before things get out of hand.
Skin Care Products and Cost
Myth: The more expensive the skin care product, the better it works. (like LOL)

Fact: This is one of those common skin care myths you should be careful about. There are cheaper products, even natural remedies that work better than those branded products. For instance, anti-aging ingredients found in a pricey product are similar to the ones you will find in the fairly priced one. But don’t get me wrong, some expensive and branded products can do wonders for your skin. Not all, but some.

Myth: Everybody’s skin is the same.

Fact: Well, here’s the thing, skincare products, and treatments work differently on different people’s skin. What works for you might not work for another. Some people have oily skin, others dry skin, while some just happen to have that never-aging skin. These types of skins cannot use the same product; each has to use products and treatments tailor-made for their skin type.

If you are not sure about any skincare routine, product or treatment, find a qualified skin specialist or dermatologist to help you out. Natural home remedies are a lifesaver as well.

Have you heard of any common skin care myths? Feel free to share in the comments. Thank you. Until next.

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12 thoughts on “H&B|5 Common Skin Care Myths and Facts You Should Know About 

  1. My friend pops her pimples,now she has a whole lot of them dancing on her face😂…this stuff needs to be read to her😃…lovely post as usual…i use coconut oil to clear rashes on my face. Is that okay?

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  2. Lovely post. I used to believe that when a product is expensive it has to work magic until they showed me pepper. Now I’m even looking for more natural remedies.

    Liked by 1 person

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