Product Review: Vspbotanics ( My yay & nay)

Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. Its been awhile. Today I will be writing a review on the products I got from vspbotanics. The yay and nay!

Vspbotanics is a strictly plant-based skincare. I do see their Instagram ads but decided to try out their products when I saw @debwritesblog sharing about one of their products she use on her Ig page.

I consulted them before making orders so as to know which of their products is perfect for my skin tone (caramel).

Nourishing lotion.

What the product claimed.

  1. Fight body acne, eczema and skin dryness
  2. Fade out wrinkles
  3. Lightens the skin application of this lotion aids healing of wounds .
  4. It promotes hydration
  5. It continues Lavender, Chamomile, Chamomile & Bee wax .
  6. Brightens evenly and suitable for all skin types

My Thought.

I didn’t achieve any of these things during the period of using this body lotion. I was getting darker, and that’s why the body lotion is a big nay for me. Its kind of watery too. I wasted the 10k I use in purchasing this and am never going to buy that anymore.

Face cream

This is the interesting part of the products I got from vspbotanics. This face cream is a miracle in jar.

It does everything it says.

No sunburn

No blemish

It glows up your face

Its perfect for my face and definitely going to get loads of this face cream for myself again. Its a yay.

Price : 6k

Body Soap

What the product claimed

  1. It works as a body cleanser
  2. It doesn’t dry the skin
  3. It regenerates the skin
  4. It contains vegetables, tea tree oil, lemon, witch hazel.

My Thought

So far this soap has been the best organic soap have ever used. It doesn’t dry up my skin and it smells good. Its a yay for me!

Price : 4k

Vsp Customer service :

I must confess their customer service is top notch. They are patient enough to answer all your questions and they listen to complaints and give you other suggestions. I rate them 95/100.

Have you use this product before or any of vspbotanics? Will you be willing to try this products out? Let me know your thoughts on this review.

Thank you for stopping by. Let’s be friends instagram , twitter

Until I come your way again I say I love you. XOXO 💕

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Vspbotanics ( My yay & nay)

  1. Have been having issues trying to leave a comment my network has been terrible.
    Am currently using their face cream and its perfect for my face too. With this review I will get the body soap as well.


  2. One thing this people who are into organic skincare is that body differs.

    I know of an organic expert here in Lagos. They’ll test ur skin so as to know what they will use that will work on your skin.
    Their own isn’t a ready-made kind of.
    Since its organic and there’s no chemical there’s need for you to know what will be perfect for the person’s skin as we all have different skins.

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