About Me 

 Just a sip of me👉I’m Aminu Elizabeth Oluwanifemi. God’s daughter(Philippians 4:13). I believe I was created for a purposeA writer, blogger, poet, lover of art,(nature and beings) creative soul, Actor,…..and more. I find it difficult to relent over my dreams, always saying “just a push”. I love to Read, Sing, Talk(sometimes “taciturn”), and Cook but am not a foodie.  I love kids. An advocate of sexual purity.  Business freak. Team anything goes(legit)🙈 My pen loves dancing to the beat of my heart 

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   Instagram : @nifemis_world

  Twitter :@nifemis_world

facebook: Aminu Elizabeth Oluwanifemi

 Email: aminulauretta@gmail.com 


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