POETRY : Tears 

*Tears they say have no weight but it carries heavy feelings.* Lately with life it's all screaming and tears. True expression of what dwells in the heart. When emotions are treated like trash in the bin. Tried to wash it off, but it deeply stained. Let the warm fluid be the cleanser. When the heart … Continue reading POETRY : Tears 


POETRY: Never Forever 

How do I explain this meaningless pain, endless tears and countless bruises? How do I explain a careless feeling, a fatal, brutal caress of my body? Like a heart, the beating never stops. Like a river, the bleeding forever flows. Oh light! Will this dark cloud ever go? Oh life! How long shall I live … Continue reading POETRY: Never Forever 

LIFE: Having A Perfect Valebration 

Yaayah! it's countdown to Valentine's Day. So you there and thinking how do you want to go about the day.  Not too worry, today's post got you covered (*winks*).  If you are reading this you are not wrong.  Always remember that you can share love with everyone not only on Vals day but every day … Continue reading LIFE: Having A Perfect Valebration 

VALENTINE’S DAY 2018: Behind The Scene + Sexual Purity Quotes  

Hello everyone! I hope y'all are good? Welcome back to my blog. It's countdown to ​Valentine's Day  and I think it's important for us to know why this day exist. Today's post brings you behind the scene of Valentine's Day.  sexual purity  In the third century, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II Gothicus. He was nicknamed Claudius … Continue reading VALENTINE’S DAY 2018: Behind The Scene + Sexual Purity Quotes  

POETRY: February? 

Happy new month guys! (*speaking to myself *lol*... it's the month of 💜💚❤💛*).  Welcome back to my blog. So someone was asking me yesterday if the next day, that is today was to be February. I asked why? He said "I haven't made any good out of January yet" (*my headaches*) @Iamsharonpaula has a message for you. … Continue reading POETRY: February? 

LIFE: Mystery Blogger Award 

 Currently "She's blogging-lushing " Hello everyone! I hope y'all are good. It's been busy-good for me so far. I was nominated for a blogger recognition award. So here it goes: I'll like to appreciate I am Akeela  who nominated me for this award. You've been an inspiration to me the way you strung words together. Thank you once … Continue reading LIFE: Mystery Blogger Award 

FAITH : The Choice Is Yours!  

Happy Sunday to you all and welcome back to my blog. To all newbies thank you for following. I'm sure you'll  find something that interest you here ( a bit of everything...gets you inspired ) and to the oldbies, I appreciate you all. Today on faith   "The Choice Is Yours"! What would you regret more? … Continue reading FAITH : The Choice Is Yours!