Life||Happy New Year

"Rather late than never" Hello guys welcome back to my blog I am here just to wish you guys a HAPPY NEW YEAR. Am just so excited we made it through, after all the ups and downs in the last year. We are here now, in 2019 and the year is ready for us, it's … Continue reading Life||Happy New Year


LIFE : The Versatile Blogger Award (*my 3rd award*)

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my blog. I hope it's been awesome with y'all. I was nominated for another award "Versatile Blogger Award" by the amazing Mariam Shittu. Guys check out her blog, where she talks about beauty, fashion, fitness and so much more. Thanks sweet for nominating me, I don't take this for … Continue reading LIFE : The Versatile Blogger Award (*my 3rd award*)