Hello guys! Welcome back to my blog. I'm sure y'all will be wondering, what's today blog post all about, not too worry it's all good. I'll be sharing with you a bit of what fashion entails. We all love fashion, isn't it! But being fashionable doesn't always mean that you wear expensive clothes or accessories; … Continue reading WHAT’S FASH?ย 


Fashion Spice: Great Outfit Ideas- Stripes&Skirts

Hi lovelies, I know it's been days now and am deeply sorry for my inconsistency. I have been really busy in school with academic and extra curricular. I trust you guys have been good though. Thanks for your love. Today we are taking about some outfit ideas. We all love fashion! so let's rock and view things. We … Continue reading Fashion Spice: Great Outfit Ideas- Stripes&Skirts