H&B : 5 Oils To Help Grow Your Natural Hair.

Keeping a healthy natural hair can be expensive but going all natural way is a life saver." Hi beauties. Welcome back to my blog". In this post I'll be  sharing the basics of natural hair care: essential oils. These oils are used not only promote healthy hair growth but can be used for skin care and … Continue reading H&B : 5 Oils To Help Grow Your Natural Hair.

FASHION: (SPRING 2018)My Spring Scarves 

Hello beauties, welcome back to my blog. Happy new month and happy Easter Sunday. It is important for us to daily acknowledge that "why we are yet sinners Christ died for us and His resurrection is our hope of eternal glory".   So today I'll be sharing with you guys scarves that'll be rocking my spring. We'll … Continue reading FASHION: (SPRING 2018)My Spring Scarves 

POETRY: February? 

Happy new month guys! (*speaking to myself *lol*... it's the month of 💜💚❤💛*).  Welcome back to my blog. So someone was asking me yesterday if the next day, that is today was to be February. I asked why? He said "I haven't made any good out of January yet" (*my headaches*) @Iamsharonpaula has a message for you. … Continue reading POETRY: February?