How To Slay On Rainy Day

A rainy day shouldnโ€™t stop you from pulling a remarkable look though it might limit your wardrobe choices. These functional yet fashionable outfit ideas will help you stay stylish. Stay slaying even when it's raining!!! Statement Trench Coats A classic trench coat in nude colour will keep the rain away while adding sophistication to your … Continue reading How To Slay On Rainy Day


FASHION |Outfit Ideas On Wearing Co-ordsย 

Co-ords or Coordinates is here to slay *blahhh!*. Hi loves welcome back to my blog. If you'll agree with me that years ago people thinks wearing a coordinates meant that you lack creativity and imagination.  But during the late 2014 and here in 2018 celebrities, fashion bloggers, designers, and street style muses alike have been itching to grab … Continue reading FASHION |Outfit Ideas On Wearing Co-ordsย